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Green Theme Stage

Our portfolio

Various industries with strong growth and good demand now and in the future.

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Health tech industry

Digital prevention of potentially life-threatening skin changes. Dermalabs is designed to detect skin cancer, a deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide. By leveraging advanced technology and machine learning algorithms, our platform is able to analyze images of moles and other skin irregularities to determine the likelihood of cancerous growth.

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Security tech industry

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Trygga Sverige collaborates, prevents, combats and stops crime in real time via its own digital platform that connects private individuals, businesses and public authorities. More information:


Alcu Metal

Green tech - recycling industry

Alcu Metal supplies and supports Northern Europe's producers with copper products whose demand is greater than supply in the ongoing green energy transition. Our copper products are traded in various qualities, forms and price levels across selected locations in the world which are delivered to smelters and producers for final refining. 

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SaaS - recycling industry

Skrotkraft drives the digital transformation in the recycling industry forward with niche platforms in B2B trade in national and international environments, data analysis and information acquisition in knowledge based specialist areas.

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SaaS - recycling industry

Scrapanalysis helps the recycling industry worldwide to improve and ensure that all collected non-ferrous, electronics and complex scrap metal is accurately valued through our platform and database. 

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SaaS - recycling industry

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With Recyclingcluster platform consumers of recycling services and recycling companies can find quality recycling partners through our extensive database worldwide. Recyclingcluster brings together the entire recycling industry on one and the same matchmaking platform.

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SaaS - recycling industry

With Scrapnwaste’s platform buyers and sellers can market, sell and buy recycled materials via our bidding platform. Scrapnwaste brings together the entire recycling industry on one and the same trading platform.

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SaaS - recycling industry


NF indices is a pricing settlement tool for traders, brokers and recycling yards. NF-indices collect data and price information on 145 qualities in base metals, precious metals, alloys and plastics from end-users. All data and price information is collected in over 20 countries worldwide with details such as consumer, price settlement, shipping terms, payment terms and annually demand. NF stands for non-ferrous.

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Innovative energy resource

Making the most of heatable resources. 

More information will soon be open to public.

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