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Warehouse Robot

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Our Portfolio


Generating profits from re-used metals and primary metals such as copper, brass and aluminium.

The e-catalog helps companies in the recycling industry to improve their processes and ensure that all collected scrap metal is accurately valued.


Services in which services helps consumers of recyclable materials to increase the value of their scrap metal and reduce costs associated with waste.

Working towards collaborating, preventing, combating, and stopping thefts. By providing various solutions and services to prevent thefts, we contribute to increased safety and security for customers and society as a whole.

Bringing the scrap, waste and recycling industry into the 21st century with a unique online marketplace.

Connecting buyers, sellers, machine retailers, transport and shipping companies, and businesses in the construction, infrastructure, demolition, and other related industries.

Designed to detect skin cancer, a deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide. By leveraging advanced technology and machine learning algorithms, our platform is able to analyze images of moles and other skin irregularities to determine the likelihood of cancerous growth.



Image by Linus Mimietz
Image by Carlos Muza

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