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Management Team

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Alexander Perman

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Alexander Perman, CEO & Chairman of the board since 2023. Born in 1996. 
Nationality: Swedish

Board member: Skrotkraft, Sun Technology, AlCu Metal, Synsetec e-group,

Principal work experience and other information:

Alexander Perman is a prominent figure in the Scraping industry, having co-invented several technologies and companies that revolutionized the sector. He is a co-inventor of Scrapanalysis, a technology that allows for more accurate and efficient sorting of scrap metal. He is also a co-founder of AlCu Metal, Skrotkraft, ScrapnWaste, Recycling Cluster, Scrapanalysis, all of which have made significant contributions to the industry.

Alexander brings to the Board extensive experience and expertise in the Scraping industry, having spent years working in various roles in his companies. He is highly respected in the industry. His knowledge and insight into the industry will be invaluable to the Board as they work towards achieving the company's goals and objectives.


Marc Perman

Managing Partner & Co-founder

Marc Perman, Member of the Board since 2023, Investment Manager & Partner. Born in 2004. Completing High School with a degree in Natural Sciences in June, Grade: *An 92% average (20,63/22,5)*, at the Swedish School in Costa Del Sol. Further studies will take place in the autumn of 2023.

Board member: LHS (2018-2020), Securilon Capital

Chairman of the board: The Student Committee (SSCDS)

Nationality: Swedish.

Principal work experience and other information:

Currently serving as an Investment Manager & Managing Partner at Securilon Capital, Marc has a keen eye for identifying companies with high growth potential. His expertise in the field has allowed him to make sound investment decisions that have yielded significant returns. Despite his young age, Marc is a driven and ambitious individual who has already made a name for himself in the investment community.

In addition to his work as an Investment Manager, Marc is also a Chairman of the Student Committee, where he has demonstrated his leadership qualities and commitment to improving the school environment. He previously held an intern position at Arje Lifting Systems, where he contributed to the manufacturing of lifting equipment aimed at improving ergonomics for companies. He also worked as an Intern at Cuprum Recycling, where he gained valuable experience in waste management and recycling. Co-founder for AlCu Metal, Skrotkraft, ScrapnWaste, Recycling Cluster, Scrapanalysis.

Marc's passion for education and his commitment to environmental sustainability make him a valuable addition to the Board.

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