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Investing with Securilon Capital

Closing the value gap and maximising potential through investments and innovations


The 25% ROE

Securilon Capital stands out for one simple reason: we exclusively back businesses with the potential to deliver a minimum of 25% return on equity (ROE) to our investors within a year. This steadfast commitment guides our strategy, ensuring that we make smart investments while minimizing risks.

Our approach involves a careful assessment of each business in our portfolio. If a venture no longer aligns with our 25% return target, we make strategic decisions to reallocate capital.

Closing the value gap

Securilon Capital is dedicated to maximizing investments. We meticulously identify growth opportunities, ensuring each venture reaches its full potential. Our mission is to bridge the value gap, propelling businesses to exceed expectations. With strategic insights, we empower success and drive unparalleled value for our investors.

Practical innovations

Securilon Capital is more than an VC firm, we're champions of real-world solutions. Our focus on MedTech, GreenTech, and SecurityTech reflects our commitment to meaningful progress.

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Last updated: 2024/01/23



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