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The Full Story

About us

We are a team with an all-round background in several industries and areas. This allows us to create a portfolio of diversified companies and investments in listed and unlisted companies in several interesting markets. Our corporate culture is characterized by trust, where together we go from words to management and create results and values ​for our customers, suppliers and owners. Securilon is at the forefront of innovation and good investment, shaping the future and creating opportunities for all.

Image by Beren Sutton-Cleaver

Our Vision

To be an innovative group consisting of profitable companies that change, improve and digitize the business areas we operate in through the competence of our people in the right place within the right company.

Strong business culture

Our culture is characterized by trust and an entrepreneurial approach to go from words to actions together and create great results ​for our customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Simple business

Simple business models is often a great choice. We love finding simple solutions to different challenges. Simplicity is everything we do, from the way we speak to the work we do.

Think like a customer

We know the value we create for our customers and suppliers is the only path to long-term success in all our different companies. That's why we should always think like our customers before deciding which way to go.

Challenge ourselves

We stand up for what we believe in and dare to challenge ourselves, our suppliers and customers. From words to actions to creating extraordinary results for all involved.

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